Romans 3:9-26

How does God view Jews and Gentiles in regards to being holy or worthy of Him?

In vv. 10-18, Paul constructs an Old Testament view of the condition of a man’s heart. Summarize these verses in your own words. Left to himself, what is a man like?

In what ways can you identify to being like the description you just gave?

Take a pencil and underline, box in, star, highlight, etc, the most important words in Romans found in v. 21…”but now.” If the sinful person described in the previous verses is what we were before, what is happening “now?”

From where does righteousness come?

What did Jesus come to do?

Who has access to the justification Jesus made available?

How does it make you feel to know that race, ethnic, or cultural background has no bearing on your potential to know God?

Take a moment and examine your heart. Have you placed faith in the sacrifice that Jesus made for you? Do you know that Jesus is the only way for you to be with God and to know real life both now and forever?

If you haven’t, call a friend or your pastor and get this right with God now.

If you have, spend some time reflecting on the depth of the significance that this truth has on your life. Before you were completely lost and deserving of God’s unbridled wrath. BUT NOW, you have been justified by the grace of God and been given access to the righteousness and glory of God to receive and abundant life both now and forever.

Spend some time praising God for this.

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