Acts 25:23-26:32

Where is Paul in this passage and why is he there?

In this passage Paul shares his testimony of how Jesus transformed his life. What was Paul like before he met Christ?

How did Paul meet Christ?

What were Jesus’ instructions for Paul?

How did Paul respond to those instructions?

In what ways did Paul carry out the mission on which Jesus sent him?

What is the simple message of the gospel as presented by Paul in this passage?

What effects did Paul’s testimony have on the crowd that was listening?

Take some time to think about your own testimony by answering the following questions.

What were you like before you met Jesus?

How did you meet Jesus?

What instructions do you feel Jesus has given you? In other words, how do you feel Jesus wants you to serve His Kingdom?

How has your life changed since you met Jesus?

Pray about a way that you could share this testimony with someone who does not know Jesus. Paul was in prison, standing in front of the most powerful people in the region when he gave this testimony. He was not intimidated by rank, social status, or circumstances. Paul saw everything in life as an opportunity to carry out the mission that Jesus gave to him. Pray about how you could transform your current circumstances into a way to demonstrate the good news of Jesus to the people around you.

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