Acts 2:1-47

In our day one of the biggest challenges to the church is the fact that the identity of Jesus is becoming much distorted in our general culture. More and more people are becoming “spiritual” and are seeking spiritual truths. Many people are also being open to discussing Jesus as a spiritual option in their journey. The problem is that, upon further investigation, what they mean when they say the name, “Jesus” is very different from the Biblical portrait of Jesus. Peter said that Jesus is the only name under Heaven whereby we can be saved. Knowing this, Satan, the master distorter of truth, has provided an artificial substitute for the name of Jesus, so that, when people claim the name, they are actually claiming a false God, without knowing it.

Put in plain English, many people think that Jesus is just a spiritual teacher that can bring healing, peace, and enlightenment to their lives; much like other gurus of spiritually enlightened belief systems. If you are an American, Jesus can work for you. If you are Tibetan, then Buddha is the guru of choice. BIG DECEPTION.

Study again the message of Peter. In this message Peter marks out the fundamental points that clearly define the true Jesus. If the Jesus you worship deviates from this portrait, on any point, then your Jesus is not the Jesus of the Bible, and is, therefore, a false God, and not the way to Heaven. Here is a summary of the anatomy of the true King of the Kingdom as Peter defines it:

  1. Jesus was fully man
  2. Jesus died a real death
  3. Jesus was physically raised from the dead
  4. Jesus is exalted to the right Hand of the Father.
  5. Jesus received and poured out the Holy Spirit on His disciples
  6. Jesus is the Lord of the Universe, the Messiah of the Jews, and the ONLY way to the Father.
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