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Mark 1:35-39

The point of this devotional is simple. Jesus needed alone time with His Father in order to serve the demanding crowds. This is an encouraging word, especially for introverts. It is true that Jesus had a mission and had a lot of work to do. It is also true that the crowds were pressing on Jesus every moment of the day. Jesus could have filled every waking moment with His ministry, but He didn’t. He got up early in the morning and found a place to be alone so that He could pray. Jesus modeled for us the Filling then Spilling principle. If we want to be effective in ministry we need to focus not on the doing of our ministry first, but on the filling of our heart with God’s presence first. Then, if we have been properly filled, we can spill over onto the “crowds” that demand our time.

Think about it. If Jesus needed to have Quiet Time with God, we probably do too!

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