Matthew 21:28-32

This is a penetrating lesson. There is nothing more disheartening than being disappointed by someone. If someone says to you, “Oh yes, I would love to do that for you!” then it is natural to get excited and create high expectations. If that person does not follow through, then you are disappointed and discouraged. But, if someone does something for you that you weren’t expecting, even if that something was a little thing, you are elated and drawn to that person.

It would be better if we were not quick to volunteer to do things, than to volunteer quickly and drop the ball. Spend some time evaluating your own tendencies. Which son are you like? Have you let some people down by being too eager or speaking too quickly? Make things right with that person and commit to serving first and speaking about it after the fact. God doesn’t want our cheap talk; He wants a heartfelt commitment to Him and His Kingdom.

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