Matthew 13:1-52

One of the most compelling of the parables is found in v. 44. Imagine if you found a vacant lot of land that was up for sale. As you were inspecting the property you discovered that it contained one of the richest deposits of diamonds ever found on earth. What would you do? If you were like the average person, you would sell everything you have and borrow as much as you needed in order to get the money to buy this land. Why? Because you knew that once you had the property the payoff would be beyond anything you had given up. That is how it should be with the Kingdom of Heaven.

Why are most Christians lukewarm, uninterested, and intimidated in their faith? Because they don’t really believe that there is treasure in the field. The things of this life — the pressures of work, money, social status, politics, etc. — seem more real than talk of an eternal Kingdom that is ruled by a God they can’t see. They may pay lip service to the notion of Heaven, but deep in their heart they just don’t believe. If we really believed, if we had truly found the diamond mine, then we would abandon it all for the Kingdom. Where is your heart today?


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