Once again, Amos preaches a scathing message of repentance to a wicked Israel. Along with Joel and Hosea, Amos prepared Israel for the coming destruction at the hands of the Assyrians. The prophets bring many charges against the people, but there is one that really hits home for us.

Read Amos 5:21-27 and Psalm 51:16-17 and Matthew 23:23-26.

The movie Remember the Titans is a film about racial tension in the south in 1971 that centers on a high school football team that has been forced to integrate. The white head coach has been forced, by the school district, to allow a black head coach to take his place and be his boss. In one particular scene, a white father barges into the coaches’ office and begins yelling and screaming at the coaches for taking his son out while allowing the black players to take his place. This parent was obviously extremely bigoted. After he stormed out of the office, coach Boon, the black coach, said to coach Yost, the white coach, “I guess we’ve seen the last of him.” To which Yost responded, “Oh no, we serve on the deacon board together.” Boon just shook his head in a telling wag of exasperation as if to say, “That figures.”

Isn’t that how we are sometimes? During the week we can flirt with sin, harbor bitterness in our hearts, burn with envy, perhaps even slander or backbite, then come to church and raise our hands in worship to God. This cannot be. God does not want “good church goers,” He wants transformed hearts. Only through a willing, daily submission to the Holy Spirit can our hearts be transformed from the inside out — our “cups be washed on the inside” — and the nature of God’s character be displayed in our lives. Rather that all the church pews be empty on Sunday morning with 100% of Christians flowing with the Spirit in daily life than “growing” churches with half-baked, white-washed tombs in regular attendance.

How’s the inside today? Take a moment and ask the Spirit for a nice wash.

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