Hosea 8:7; Hosea 10:12-13; Galatians 6:7-8

A disturbing story was aired on the news recently. A group of teenagers, calling themselves the 311 Boys, video-taped themselves brutally beating each other while spewing profanities. One shot showed a boy repeatedly beating another boy in the face, while out of his back pocket stuck a claw hammer. Off tape this gang of middle to upper-middle class teens brutally maimed a class mate.

The commentators asked, “Where did this come from?” “How could boys like this do something so terrible?” They interviewed different “experts” in psychology to try to answer the question. The resulting answer was that there is a lack of family values in our culture! Well, duh! The irony of this news report was that the question was being asked by a network that flaunts its “reality” shows and “edgy” programming. It’s as if a person who had just intentionally shaken a bush containing a hornet’s nest was asking, “Why did I get stung?”

The answer to their question is easy. This is the beginning of the whirlwind! You cannot pick up a magazine, turn on the television, or watch a movie anymore without being pounded by the message, “SEX for fun!” “Indulge your pleasures!” “Get what’s coming to you!” “Let your heart be your guide!” “Truth lies within you!” In our classrooms we are taught that we are nothing more than a cosmic burp that happened by chance billions of years ago and are not heading towards anything of meaning. Survival of the fittest is the only law in the raw universe. Reality television is pushing the envelope of crudity, violence, barn-yard sexuality, and self-indulgence. We are just a few years away from reliving the “bloodsport” of the Roman coliseum where self-indulgent Romans would pay money to watch as slave-warriors beat each other to death in the arena…all for sport.

How can we be surprised by the activities of these youth? As a culture we have sown to the wind. Do we expect anything less than to reap the whirlwind? The scary thing is that the winds are just beginning to kick up. Things are most likely going to blow harder and do much more damage before anything changes. As Christians in a bloodthirsty and self-indulgent world, it is our job to stand firm in the hope that we have, which is Christ in us. Jesus has called us to a higher standard of living. He has called us, in humility, to sow to the Spirit of God.

Where is your seed falling? How much time do you spend feeding your mind with the culturally accepted messages vs. the amount of time you spend soaking in the Spirit of God, the study of His Word, the fellowship of His people, and the work of His Kingdom?

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