I love the TV show Chuck. My family and I have been catching up on the first three seasons in preparation for the Season 4 premiere next week.

What I like:

First of all, Chuck is a geek. I love underdog stories where the geeky guy is the hero and the jock turns out to be weak and/or shallow (Captain Awesome).

I also love the contrast between the over-the-top caricatured world of misfits in the Buy More vs. the nearly demi-god world of super spies that live in the parallel universe of Castle  below the Burbank strip mall. This contrast makes for great comedy and gives the writers miles of space to comment on American culture.

Ulitmately, what draws me into the show is the heart of our hero, Chuck. He’s a good guy. He wants truth in a world of lies. He can’t kill in a world of assassins. And, he wants true love in a world of plastic (or icy steel) facades. The love tension between his innocence and Sarah’s callousedness keeps you coming back for more.

My Dislikes:

The one thing that disappoints me with Chuck, as with most shows on TV, is its perspective on sexuality. In the Chuck world, Sex = Love. Case in point: during a flashback we see Ellie and Awesome ripping each other’s clothes off in the broom closet while asking each other, “What’s your name?” The constant theme and gauge for a dating relationship on the show is “have you slept with her/him yet?”

That’s not the message our teens need to hear. In the real world, those kind of relationships don’t usually end up well. Bottom line, sex is for marriage. Save it!

So, I slap a “Surgeon General’s Warning Label” on the show, pray that my kids understand this issue and are willing to talk about it with me and/or adult mentors, and sit back to be entertained by the silliness of it all.

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