Read Hosea 1:2-5

During what time period is the prophet Hosea doing his preaching ministry? (1:1)

To whom is Hosea preaching?

What physical action did God instruct Hosea to take?

What analogy was being taught through this physical action?

Read Hosea 3.

What was Hosea asked to do in regard to his wife?

How must Hosea have felt when he was doing this?

How would you have felt if God had asked you to do this?

Think of a person who has done something towards you that you feel is so bad that it is difficult to forgive.  In light of God’s attitude towards the adulterous nation of Israel, how do you think God wants you to feel towards this person?

What is the end result of God’s relationship with Israel? (Hosea 3:5)

Ask God to show you a place in your life where you may need to “go buy back the adulterer” and ask Him for the courage to do so.

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