Ezekiel 33:1-11

In the midst of pages of prophetic words of doom, gloom, anger, and wrath from the mouth of the Lord, this passage shines as a bright reminder of the deep heart of God.  God does not delight in hurting people.  Like the old saying goes when a parent spanks a child, “this is going to hurt me more than it hurts you,” so it is with God.  God created us for loving Him.  Imagine how much pain it must have brought to His heart when He finally had to pull out all the stops of punishment against His beloved city.

We can use this message in application to our view of the world around us.  In light of the depravity that is so apparent on our street corners, our billboards, our magazines, TV stations, and movie screens, it can be easy to become harsh and judgmental.  When that happens to you, remember this passage.  God does not take joy in punishing the wicked.  He loves them.  Our job as Christians is not to judge or condemn anyone.  Only God can do that.  Our job is to be the watchman, as Ezekiel was, and warn the people of the coming wrath of God.  We are to remind them of God’s love for them and invite them to repent of the sin that is killing them and enter into the joy of the Kingdom of God.  Let’s keep soft hearts this week.

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