Read Ezekiel 22:23-31.

In the mid 1990’s, Promise Keepers (A national Christian Men’s ministry) gathered a million men in Washington D.C. called “Stand in the Gap.”  Why do you think they called it by this name?

Today we are reminded of another recurring theme in the Old Testament (and New).  God’s people are called to be a shining light in the dark world around them.

If just one person had stepped up to the plate in Jerusalem, then God would have spared them.  We saw Him do this with Hezekiah and Josiah.  Both of these kings brought religious reform to the city and kept the destroyers at bay for a little while longer.  In Ezekiel and Jeremiah’s day, there were no good men left.

There are two points to think about.

  1. Many times, in our culture,  we place an emphasis on the personal benefits of salvation and forget about the curltural impact that the gospel can have.  We don’t have a good relationship with God just so that we can go to Heaven.  This doesn’t just happen in a vacuum.  When we are filled, we overflow.  We impact our society, if we are connected and interacting with our society. 
  2. Are we willing to stand in the gap, or are we hiding in a hole, just waiting for the second coming.  Many times we can slip into an isolationist mentality and not want to be involved in the community in order to have a positive impact upon it.  As bad as our culture is, there is still enough of the remnant of God presence to make a difference.  Let’s ask God for the strength and courage to be Gap Standers.
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