Ezekiel 16:49-52
In chapter 16 Ezekiel draws an analogy between a promiscuous, unfaithful woman and the city of Jerusalem.  He also says that Jerusalem had “sisters” named Samaria (the Captial of the Kingdom of Israel) and Sodom (the city where Lot lived that was completely destroyed in Genesis).

There is a recurring theme in the Old Testament.  It seems that the greatest sin that Israel committed, next to idolatry, was the mistreatment of the needy.  Look again at the list of accusations brought against Sodom:

arrogance:  having or showing an exaggerated opinion of one’s own importance, merit, ability, etc.; conceited; overbearingly proud
Collins English Dictionary. 2000 (electronic ed.). Glasgow: HarperCollins.

overfed:  having a surplus of the basic needs.

unconcerned:  this is a Hebrew phrase that is difficult to translate.  It literally reads, “an abundance of quietness, peace, or inactivity.” 

Listen to the different ways it has been translated:

prosperous ease (RSV)

spoiled (CEV)

abundance of idleness (KJV)

complacent in their prosperity (NAB)

careless ease  (NASB)

laziness (NLT)

Read Jesus’ parables in Luke 12:16-20;  Luke 16:19-31.

Where in your heart and in our church do we need to repent of these sins and “bear our disgrace.”

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