Read Ezekiel 1:1-2:9.

The vision Ezekiel had of the Lord in chapter 1 is very bizarre, to say the least.  Many people have attempted to explain it over the years.  If you are interested in the subject, read the For a Little Deeper Look section for some explanation of the vision.

For our purposes today, the whole point of the vision was twofold.  First, God is all-powerful.  He is not something or someone to be trifled with.  In the same way that Isaiah was “ruined” by his vision of the Lord, so Ezekiel, and we, are called to recognize the greatness of God and bow in humility before Him.  Too many times we become comfortable with God and treat Him with contempt or apathy.  God is the almighty source of everything and His very presence demands our worship.  How well are you worshiping God these days?

Second, the key to the vision is the wheels.  Ezekiel was in Babylon, hundreds of miles away from Jerusalem and the Temple of Yahweh.  By seeing the vision of the Lord “traveling on wheels” Ezekiel was reminded that God is not stationary, or localized, or bound to one particular city.  God is the God of the whole universe, there is no place that He is not.  On the one hand, this omnipresence of God can further enhance our fear and respect of the Almighty.  On the other hand, we can take comfort in the nearness of God.  Because God is “on wheels” He can be near us, wherever we are.  Take comfort today to know that the Almighty God of the universe loves you and wants you to be near Him.

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