Let’s face it; Jeremiah’s story is mostly a dark tale of destruction on a wicked city. During Jehoiachin’s reign a massive amount of Jerusalemites surrendered to the Babylonians and were taken to exile. The people left behind were destined for annihilation. Jeremiah was left begind to continue speaking the words of God to these hard-hearted people. Things got ugly for Jeremiah as he was imprisoned and, at one point, thrown into a pit and left to die.
During this dark time Jeremiah took a moment and turned his attention to those who had been exiled. Read Jeremiah 29:1-23 to see what he said to these people.

Underline vv. 11-13 in your Bible. Do you see what is happening here? Even in the midst of the darkest hour, God gives a messsage of hope and faithfulness to His people. Yes, He punishes them for their sin, no doubt. Yet, God will never forget the promise He made to Abraham. God has a plan and that plan is bigger than anyone can imagine.

2500 years later we can see the plan clearly. In the middle of Babylonian captivity God was preparing the way for Jesus, the Messiah to come. I’m sure the Jews were having a hard time understanding how being in a detention camp was a good thing, but that is what Jeremiah said.

You may be in a difficult time right now. Don’t despair. God is with you, He understands your suffering and has a big picture in mind. Just stay focused and keep your heart right with Him.

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