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Week 33 Day 3 – The Trust Factor

Jeremiah 17:5-10

This passage sets up a nice contrast for us.

Draw a table that has two columns.  In the left column write “cursed trust vv. 5-6” and in the right column write “blessed trust vv. 7-8.”  List all the contrasts you see in these two passages.

According to v. 10, what is God looking for?

The obvious question from this lesson is, “where is your trust?”  It is easy to pay lip service to the notion that we trust in the Lord, but what do our actions say?  How much time do we spend protecting ourselves from danger – financial, relational, political – by putting up various types of walls around us, when all the while our heart is drying up for lack of love from and toward God.  God invites us to open ourselves up and place our trust in Him, not our own strength or ingenuity.  When we throw ourselves into God’s hands and stop worrying about things, then we can experience true freedom.


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