Jeremiah 9:23-26
As you read through the first nine chapters of Jeremiah you realize that one of the biggest problems the people had was that they talked the talk, but they didn’t walk the walk.  They knew the right words to say that sounded “religious” or like they new the truth about Jehovah, but they practiced idolatry right along with it.  The really wild thing about it was that they boasted in how “tight” they were with God.  They boasted in how holy Jerusalem was and how God had chosen them to be a special nation, and that the rich among them were especially close to God because He had so obviously blessed them.

Read Jeremiah 9:23-26.  If a person is going to boast, what should they boast about?

List the qualities that describe God and that bring delight to His heart?

According to vv. 25-26, what kind of circumcision was God looking for?

Just because the men of Israel were physically circumcized, that did not make them right with God.  That was the people’s problem.  They thought God was all about the externals; what you did on the outside and how you appeared to everyone.  That was a dangerous path.

Now do a heart check on yourself.   What standard do you use to feel good about yourself?  Are you comparing yourself to beautiful people, or rich people, or “super-spiritual” people and deriving your sense of worth, or lack of worth, based upon the comparison?  Remember that God does not care about these external things.  God cares about the integrity of your heart.  How are you doing in the kindness, justice, and righteousness department in your life?

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