Lamentations 5:1-22

Let’s paint the picture.  For years this outspoken, jar smashing, yoke-wearing, loud-mouthed prophet has been pointing his finger at you for sinning, and has predicted that the Babylonians would destroy the city if you don’t repent.  Now you find yourself standing in the middle of your own city, everything is destroyed, there is nothing to eat, and everyone is in misery.  You can just hear the prophet saying under his breath, “I told you so.”  How do you feel?

In our lives we often run into seasons where it seems like everything is going wrong and there is no hope.  In moments like that we may feel like God is far, far away and has turned His back on us.  In those moments, what do you do?

From the book of Lamentations we can learn three important facts.

  1. It is OK to express your pain to God.  In the book of Job we saw Job being honest with God about his emotions.  In the book of Lamentations we see the nation being honest with God about their emotions.  God can handle, and even invites you to bring all your burdens and cares to Him.  He wants to hear from you.
  2. Make sure you are being honest about your pain.  If there is something in your life that is out of bounds with God’s will, perhaps He is trying to get your attention with the pain you are experiencing. 
  3. Even in the darkest hour, God can bring good from it that ultimately brings Him glory.  When Jerusalem was destroyed, He saved a remnant to rebuild the city.  When Jesus died, He brought about the salvation of the world.  When you suffer, God can use it to teach you something…if you are willing to hear it.

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