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Week 32 Day 1 – Worthless Waistband

Jeremiah 13:1-12

Here are some observations about the sash that we can think about in relation to our own lives.

  1. The linen belt was a fine piece of clothing.  God viewed Israel, and He views us, as something precious and valuable to Him.  Jeremiah wore the belt around his waist for a while.  A belt was a symbol of trust and commitment because it bound the rest of the wardrobe together.  God desires to have a vital relationship with His people and wear us around in pride like we were a fine linen belt.
  2. Perath was a symbol of the pagan religion that the people of Jerusalem had immersed themselves in.  The belt was buried in the mud just like the people were buried in paganism.  Fine linen goes bad when it is not washed and cared for.  Insects begin to eat it, the cloth begins to decompose, and it starts to stink.
  3. A good cloth will get dirty with regular use, even if it is being worn by its rightful owner.  The normal procedure for a good belt is to be taken to the river to be washed with soap and properly dried.  When this happens, the belt can be worn with pride for a long time.
  4. The question we must ask ourselves is what are we soaking in?  Are we buried in a sinful attitude that, if left unchecked, will rot out our heart?  Or, are we allowing God to soak us in the detergent of His Word and be rinsed by His Spirit on a regular basis so that we can stay fresh and clean?


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