Isaiah 40:6-31

As you read through these verses, make a list of God’s attributes.  How do you feel after describing God this way?

The mood you are in today may impact your reaction to this description of God.  If you are feeling good, you may be filled with confidence and feel great that you are on God’s side because He is so big and is in control.  If you are feeling down you may be overwhelmed by the scope of God and feel small and insignificant.

If you feel like the latter, then read vv. 29-31 again.  What is the promise made in these verses?

Do you feel weak or tired today?  Spend a moment and try to pinpoint where you feel most weak or vulnerable.  Now imagine yourself giving that portion of your life to God.  On your own you probably aren’t strong enough.  But, with the eternal power of God holding you up, you can soar!

Spend some time committing to God that you will draw on His strength and have a great day.

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