Isaiah 5:1-7, 20-30

On this first day of looking at Isaiah it is important to understand that, by the time Isaiah was preaching, the people of Israel had been pushing the limits with God’s patience for centuries.  God had come to His vineyard year after year and found little to no fruit.  It was finally time for Him to pull the axe out of the back shed and start doing some serious pruning.  The axe that He chose to use was the Empire of Assyria.  During Isaiah’s lifetime the Assyrians annihilated the Northern Kingdom of Israel and destroyed all of Judah except the city of Jerusalem.

We must never forget that although God is a loving and gracious God, that does not mean that He turns His head away from blatant sin.  As a loving Father it is His duty to discipline us and prune our branches on a regular basis.

If you think of your heart as God’s vineyard, what kind of fruit would God find there today?

In what ways could you allow God to cultivate and fertilize your vineyard this week?

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