Ecclesiastes 4:4-12

According to v. 4, what is the motivation behind people’s striving for achievement and advancement in the workplace or in life?  Do you agree or disagree with this statement?

In what ways have you seen this at play in your own realm of experience?

Describe, in your own words, the kind of person discussed in vv. 7-8.  Have you ever known anyone like this?

What is the alternative to this kind of person given in vv. 9-12?

In what ways have you seen the principle of the “cord of three strands” work out in your own life?

Evaluate your church community right now.  Are you connected to at least two other people that know you  intimately, that share your core value system, and that have come up alongside of you to challenge you and encourage you?  If you have not, seriously consider and ask God to reveal to you how you could connect to this kind of people.  Remember, this is the purpose for which we create the space called “the church community.”  If you are in need of becoming a strong cord, then make your cry heard in the church and begin taking the steps to build intimate relationships.

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