Eccelsiastes 3:1-14

Verse 11 is one of the glimmering jewels of hope in the middle of this dark and brooding book.  The key phrase is “He has also set eternity in the hearts of men.”  There is one simple reason why the vast majority of people in the world chase after “stuff” to make them happy and come up dry and thirsty time and time again.  The one reason is that deep down inside they know better.  Every human being knows that there is more to life than life itself.  We all have a sense that there is something beyond.  In our modern world we have been told not to listen to that inner yearning, because it is just the cultural programming we have received from our superstitious and uneducated forefathers.  The modern world says that the only meaning in life is to live for now and make the most of it.  So, millions of people buy into that line of thinking and SLAM! They plow right into the brick wall of meaninglessness.  So what do they do?  They look to the stars and search for Extraterrestrial Life.  They open their minds up to the world of the occult, spiritism, self-healing, only to be eaten alive by the evil one.

In v. 11 we find great peace.  The Teacher reminds us that life is good and that God created us to live it to the fullest.  There is a time for everything.  Enjoy life.  But, remember that the only reason you can enjoy life is because there is something beyond life for which you were ultimately created.  Eternity is in your heart.  You were created for eternal fellowship with God.  You can endure, no, even more; you can enjoy the ebb and flow, the ups and downs of this life — come good or bad, rain or shine — because you are so beyond this life.  You have your eyes fixed on the only thing that can bring peace and happiness, and that is the eternal presence of God.  What time is it?  It’s time to live life with God at the center of your focus.  If you do this you will love life, now and forever!

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