Ecclesiastes 2:1-11

The “Teacher” searched for happiness through the four “P’s”:  Pleasure, Projects, Profit, and Power.  Depending upon our personality type, each of us will pursue one or more of these P’s in life.  Pleasure seekers view life as a frothy cup of wine, begging to be savored and drained to the last drop.  They chase after the next fun fix or thrill that will pump their adrenaline or appease their delicacies.  Project managers are goal oriented, task-driven individuals who are not happy unless they are pushing the plan through to its completion; until they build something that will make a lasting impact on the world.  The Profit crowd sees money as the ticket to freedom.  They follow the golden rule…whoever has the gold makes the rules.  They look at the bottom line, and if they are in the black then their future is secure and they can do as they please.  Finally, the Power brokers are the politicians and the networkers.  They know that it is not about what you know, but about who you know.  If they are well connected then they will have the leverage they need to get done the things that need to get done.

Here’s the rub; in the end, all four pursuits end up in the same place — the grave.  Today’s pleasure is tomorrow’s hangover.  A project that goes up will eventually come down.  A profit today will be spent tomorrow.  Power corrupts and new power will overthrow it.

None of these things will bring about happiness. Are they bad?  No.  God created all four P’s.  What’s missing is the fifth P – Purpose.  Without out the proper Purpose the first four P’s are empty and futile; they tempt us and lead us at 100mph into a brick wall.  But with proper purpose, which is the glory of God, these P’s will become tools in God’s hand to expand His kingdom and bring honor and glory to Himself.  The question for us is, “Have I given these things to God?  Do I chase after them because I think they will make me happy, or do I pursue them because God has called me to use them for Him?”

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