Resistance to correction and instruction is the result of pride and hardness of the heart.  If you are not willing to listen to someone who approaches you in love to point out an area where you are straying from God’s truth, then it is time to do a serious heart check.  A hard heart will only become harder, more rigid, more closed to change, and will eventually stop working.

CAUTION:  Don’t be deceived!  Some people may feel that they are open to instruction, but are actually falling into the trap of intellectual or spiritual elitism.  Some people may only receive instruction from those that they deem as more advanced intellectually or spiritually than they are.  This is a trap.  While it is good that this individual is willing to receive some instruction, the fact that they have placed a snobbish filter on their listening devise is evidence of pride and a closed heart. God’s truth is the only standard by which we can be evaluated and corrected.  The Holy Spirit can use any means, and anyone to convey the message of His truth to us.  Sometimes the correction comes through the mouth of a little child.

Let’s keep a soft heart, an open mind, and a teachable spirit.

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