It is week 23 of the VibbleSpace Read through the Bible in a Year plan. Wow. I have no idea if anyone is reading these posts or not. If you are, then I have to apologize in advance for the next couple weeks. There won’t be much in the line of “food for thought” coming from me.

I need to give a little background. These posts were originally written back in 2003-2004 when our house church–Hart Haus–was first forming. At the beginning of 2003 we were simply reading through the Bible together and I was teaching each week. In March of that year we experienced numerical growth and birthed a second house church. The leaders of that new church were a little intimidated about the idea of leading the Bible discussion each week, so I started writing a leaders guide to help them get context for the passages we were reading in our Bible reading plan.

After a couple of months doing that, one of the leaders came up with a brilliant plan. “Steve,” he said, “why don’t you just write this stuff for everybody and send it out through email. That way they can all benefit from it and it will take the pressure off of us to ‘get it right’.”

So, I did. Starting in June of 2003, just as we were entering into the Psalms, I started to experiment with putting together the daily devotionals. It took a couple weeks to lock into a functional rythym. Once we did, then every week for the rest of the year I was always one week ahead of everyone in my studies and I would email the next week of study questions and “food for thought”. It was my “cyber pulpit.”

At the beginning of 2004 we decided to go back to Genesis and redo the first half of the year, since the flow of these weekly study aids was working so well for us. That is what you have been reading so far this year–the writing from the first half of 2004.

This week we go back to June of 2003, when I was first starting, and we hit a big hole in the road. I hadn’t developed the “food for thought” concept yet. At the beginning of this year–2010–when we decided to post this material, I thought that I would set aside time this month and write something to fill these pot holes. Back then I didn’t realize that I would be working part time as a pastor this year. Between meeting deadlines for my freelance illustration business and studying, writing, and planning for my church job, I don’t have time to fill in these gaps.

Bottom line…you get a few weeks off from reading my “food for thought.” For the next four weeks there is a daily reading schedule that will guide you through the Psalms. I did post some introductory material for the Psalms here.

On July 5th we’ll pick back up with Proverbs and carry through the rest of the year. If I have a chance, I might post a couple things here and there, but don’t count on a regular daily post.

Have a great month in the Psalms!

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