Job 38:1-41:34

Today is a day of worship.  It would be silly of me to try to write a devotional with my human words when we are reading several chapters directly from the words of God.  Instead of writing a devotional for today, I invite you climb into the experience that Job had when he received these words from God.  Here are a couple exercises/questions to guide you through the experience.

 As you read these chapters keep a list of all the ways that God describes Himself.  With each one, stop and take a moment to meditate and reflect on it.  Evaluate whether or not you experience God this way.

 In Job 40:4-5 Job has an opportunity to respond to God.  What is his reply?  How does this contrast to his requests of vindication earlier in the book?

Here is a final thought to help you enter into a space of worship.  Humility is not something that you can make happen in your life.  Humility is what happens when you come into the presence of true greatness.  Try to open your mind and heart to the implications of God’s words and self-description today.  See what happens in your heart as you do.  Write down the responses you have.

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