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The spirit is the non-linear, abstract, emotional center of our being. It is supra-rational. It cannot be contained by words or categories. It is the life-energy within us. It is the breath of life itself, breathed into us by God. It animates us, inspires us, motivates us, drives us. It is passion. It is the fire of energy that fuels our life.

When we meet that special someone, we don’t simply learn about them. We don’t write a paper about her and then go home with the paper. That would be silly. When we meet that person, something sparks inside us. Our stomach flips and we start to tingle. We long to be with that person. Words cannot describe what we feel. It is passion. The love we feel inspires poetry and art. It keeps us up at night and gives us courage to do things we would not normally do.

Spirit Resources

The same is true with God. Loving God is not just learning about God. Our love for God in not measured in the degrees we have earned or the amount of scripture we have memorized. There is something else. There is a spiritual connection. There is something that tingles. Something that inspires. We have passion for God and it is expressed through various forms. Each of us have a different type of spiritual flair. Some are exuberant and flamboyant in their expression of the spirit. Some are contemplative and reverant. Some are artistic and expressive. No matter how the passion is expressed, the fire is the same. Loving God with our spirit is the fire that fuels our lives.

Here is an important point.  We don’t experience God’s presence in the same way as everyone else.  How we respond to God emotionally and experientially is directly related to our personality type.

The Expression we Share: Prayer

 a look at the Lord’s Prayer

Our Unique Expression: Finding Your Sacred Pathway

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