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The Mind is the cognitive, logical, information gathering component or our being. Simply put, it’s how we learn stuff. We observe with our five senses. We read, go to school, we constantly take in new data, process it, and store it in an ever-expanding index of categories in our mental file cabinet.

This doesn’t sound much like something you would use in cultivating a dynamic love relationship does it? We do, though. When you first meet someone that you are attracted to, what do you do? You learn about that person. You ask questions, find out about his background, discover her likes and dislikes. You study that person. The more you learn, the more you decide whether or not you want to pursue the romance.

Mind Resources

How we learn
this is a list of sites dealing with learning styles:

Bible Study Resources

It is the same with God. We must study God. Since God is the author of everything, pretty much all intentional learning is an effort to study God. Fortunately, God has provided some specific data for us to examine as well. The interaction between God and the nation of Israel has been recorded and passed down through the generations in a collection of documents called “The Book” You may have heard it referred to as the “Bible.” In this collection of 66 books, we have an historical snapshot of approximately 1500 years that spans from the time of Abraham to the coming of Jesus and the early work of his first disciples. It is very helpful to have this document for many reasons. One of them is that it gives us a common, objective, observable text around which we can discuss and share in our learning process. Unfortunately, this same text has served to divide us and create hostilities among us, but that is the subject of another article. In its purest form, the Bible exists to help us cultivate our mind and grow in loving God with our mind.

How to Study the Bible

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