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It is my desire to create visually interesting resources to help you grow deeper into the love of God. 


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John 17_21

That We May Be One

I experienced another happy convergence this morning. Our texts for the weekend are John 17:20-24, Acts 2:42, and Colossians 3:14-17. Our theme in this third week of A Deep Life is Growing Together. The Spiritual Journey is not a solo adventure. We are not lone rangers. We are created by the community of the Triune […]


A Visual Book Review of The Righteous Mind by Jonathan Haidt

I read The Righteous Mind by Jonathan Haidt. I had seen it in the bookstore, and heard it mentioned a few places, most notably by Tripp Fuller on the Homebrewed Christianity podcast. So, I thought I should read it. I’m so glad I did. This is one of those books that has caused me to […]

journey-begin 1080

Would You Like to Take The Journey With Me?

I am very pleased to announce that we will offer The Journey at Easter Lutheran Church this year. I will lead a large group/small group meeting at Easter by the Lake on the third Tuesday of each month for anyone who would like to experience the journey with me. However, anyone can take The Journey […]

taking a step in spiritual formation

Taking a Step in the Deep Life

This week we focus on the fact that the Deep Life is like a Journey. Everyone is somewhere on their spiritual journey. Our key text for this week is Colossians 2:6-7. (see more on Colossians here). We looked at this text during the summer. Here it is annotated: Do you see how there are two […]

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