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My work is a fusion of ART and THEOLOGY.

My goal is to provide visually interesting tools to help you grow deeper in the love of God.


Dying to Live | A Sermon on Romans 6:1-14

The apostle Paul quotes his would be accusers, "What should we say then, should we continue in sin so that grace may increase?" Paul emphatically responds, "May it NEVER be! How can we who have DIED to sin continue to live in it?" What does this mean? How have we died...

Peace with God | A Sermon on Romans 5:1-11

The text for this sermon is Romans 5:1-11. The first word is "therefore..." Any time you see this word, you have to ask "What is it there for?" The Apostle Paul has been building an argument for the first four chapters of this letter. You can't really understand his...


Explore various practices and pathways to grow deeper in the love of God, through Jesus Christ, in the power of the Holy Spirit, for the sake of the world.

The Latest From the Blog

Guatemala Day 10: Coming Home

It is Thursday morning and I am once again sitting in my comfy chair in my living room where I start most of my mornings. The Guatemala trip is over. The delegation spent yesterday traveling. We had a leisurely morning at the Lutheran Center, eating up all the...

Guatemala Day 9: Sadness and Hope

It is Wednesday morning and my last chance to sit on the roof of the Lutheran Center and reflect on our trip. In two hours we drive to the airport and spend the day traveling home through Atlanta. Yesterday we woke up in Paradise. Antigua, Guatemala is an enchanted...

Guatemala Day 8: Decompression in Antigua

Today was wonderful in so many ways. It was the perfect blend of things for my personality. First, I was very fortunate to have a room to myself (thank you, Diego). I didn’t ask for it, but I’m not complaining. That allowed me to have my normal introverted time early...

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