Christ is Risen! He is risen indeed! Alleluia!

Happy Easter everyone.

We have been working on a commuity mural project at Easter Lutheran Church throughout Lent. Today is the big reveal. I’d like to share the process with you. Enjoy!

Back in February we had the idea to create a community mural project. I drew this image on my iPad, in an app called Procreate, and got approval from the Pastoral Team.

The mural had to be simple with a very limited pallete. I went to Behr paint online and chose a palette of colors from their selection, because I knew we could pick up one quart cans at Home Depot. 

I made a grid pattern, traced each color section, and labeled each section with its corresponding color number.

The mural was divided into twelve panels that each became an abstract paint-by-number project.

Next it was time to move into real life. I’m not very good at doing things in real life, so I asked Butch and John to build the canvases. They made 24 3′ x 5′ panels. I took a day to prime them all.

I exported the pattern from Procreate to Photoshop, sliced it up, and printed out each panel on a sheet of paper.

The guys put both murals together. Each one is 18′ x 10′. We snapped the grid lines with a chalk line. My daughter and I hand drew the pattern onto the canvas. This took two full days.

I asked Sheryl Johnson and Brenda Lyseng to form a team of people who would be willing to manage the process of painting the canvases. Each week they set up a painting station outside of both worship spaces: Sundays on the Hill, Wednesdays on the Hill, and Sundays at the Lake. We did this for five weeks during Lent. 24 panels got painted by everyone.

This is what the mural looks like up on the Hill.

This is what the mural looks like up at the Lake.

I think this project is a metaphor for how the universe works. God has a vision for the universe. God’s Promise is that all things are good and that Love is what binds everything together in harmony. Yet, the blueprint is not forced upon us. We are invited to live into this promise. We make our mistakes. We hurt each other. We fall down and get back up.

We grow.

God is with us through it all.

It takes everyone to participate. Some people build the canvas. Some people organize the teams. Some people pick up a brush and paint one little section. No one sees the big picture in its fullness.

We all work together to make it happen.

God invites us, each day, to pick up the paint brush of God’s Love and participate in God’s Vision for this amazing universe.

Happy Easter!

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