The purpose of this unit is to prepare young adults to enter a world where various worldviews interact on a daily basis. Never before in the history of humanity have so many people had so much access to so many worldviews at the same time.

It can be an overwhelming tidal wave of information.

Our goal is to equip students to be grounded in their Christian Worldview while having the ability to generously interact with other worldviews and work toward peaceful coexistence and collaboration.

Church Visits

Part of the process is to allow students the oppotunity to experience different worship contexts that are very different from their own. Students will visit two congregations within the Christian Tradition, one Jewish Synagogue, and one Muslim Mosque.

Here is some background on the four congregations. Click on the image to visit the congregation’s website.

In case you missed this visit, read the article below to learn about the Shabbat Service.

In case you missed this visit…

Immam Samir Saikali gave us a wonderful presentation. Click Here to view the slides.

Each small group is encouraged to have a structured conversation to process their experience. This conversation should happen as soon after the experience as possible. 

For a Deeper Look

I invite you to read my reflections on this process.

Interfaith Dialogue

For deeper reading in Interfaith Friendship, read these articles by Richard Rohr.

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