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Tending the Generation Gap in Suburban Congregations

I had the privilege to present a paper at the American Academy of Religion Upper Midwest Regional Conference on Saturday. It asks the question: How can the church leader attend to the generational gaps found in suburban congregations, specifically as it relates to spiritual formation in the congregation? I use Robert Kegan’s theory of the […]

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The Porous Self

Theory Matters: Bringing Tanner, Taylor, Kegan, and Grenz into Conversation with the Deep in the Burbs Data

I have already stated several times that one key assumption behind the DITB project was that theology is not the process of constructing an abstract, systematic model of God. At least, it shouldn’t be. Unfortunately, much theology is just that. Modern academic theology has tended toward the pursuit of constructing grand systems of theory that […]

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Searching for a way out of hell: mental complexity, wellbeing, and Bob’s Big Idea : RSA blogs

A new Twitter connection sent me a link the other day to this presentation by Robert Kegan: Searching for a way out of hell: mental complexity, wellbeing, and Bob’s Big Idea : RSA blogs. Be sure to check out the podcast attached to this blogpost. Here Kegan discusses the fifth order of consciousness further than […]

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Book | In Over Our Heads by Robert Kegan

Kegan, Robert. In over Our Heads: The Mental Demands of Modern Life. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 1994. The Author – Robert Kegan Kegan is a professor of Adult Learning at Harvard, specializing in cognitive developmental psychology. He has dedicated his career to studying what he has come to call “the evolving self.” Prior to his quest, […]

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