Reading Paul’s Mail

Reading Paul’s Mail is a 16-week Study through the Apostle Paul’s Letters.  This book went to the printer on New Year’s Eve.  Look for the big release announcement coming soon!

Liberated to Love – 1 Peter 2:13-3:7

1 Peter 2:13-3:7 In today’s world of information we have access to a broader perspective than ever before in history.  Our perspective is both wide and deep.  It is wide in that we can look at the entire globe in a single glance.  At one time we are aware of the...

An Identity Crisis – 1 Peter 2:1-12

1 Peter 2:1-12 Beware!  As you read this passage you may experience metaphorical whiplash.  In verses 2-3 Peter urges his readers to look at God as an infant would look at the breast of her mother; they are to long for the life-giving sustenance that only comes from...

“You Must” vs. “You Will Become”

1 Peter 1:16 Is there a fundamental difference between “Do this” and “you will do this.”  I find it interesting that in v. 16 the tense of the verb is you will be holy because I am holy.  It is the future tense rather than the imperative. ...
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