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An Introduction to Reading the Gospels

We are about to launch a worship series that walks through the Gospel of John, following the Narrative Lectionary (January – April, 2018). This post is designed to provide you with a general introduction and framework for how to approach the story of Jesus that we find in the Bible, in all of the Gospels. I’ll […]

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hermeneutical lens

Jesus, Vengeance, and How to Read Scripture

How do we reconcile the seemingly loving and peaceful Jesus with a seemingly vengeful and angry God of the Hebrew Bible? This is a sticking point for many people, especially in a society so saturated with hate crimes. I bring this up today because it is early Saturday morning and I am going to preach […]

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The Word of God, Play, and the Möbius Strip

Often times people say that scripture is the living and active Word of God (Hebrews 4:12). What does that mean? What is the Word? How can printed text on paper be alive? This video is an excerpt from the final presentation I made in the How to Study the Bible class at Grace Lutheran Church […]

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