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Matthew Page 6 is Now Online | Jesus is a Rock Star

Page 6 of The Cartoonist’s Guide to Matthew covers Matthew 8:1-9:34. It provides a high speed montage of Jesus’ ministry of healing and power. He heals the marginalized and demonstrates power over the Sea, the demons, and Sin itself. The news of Jesus’ power spreads across the countryside. The crowds love him, the religious leaders […]

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Blessed to Be a Blessing…Really?

This week I am faced with a difficult challenge. I must preach on Acts 3:1-10. It is the story where Peter and John heal a man who was born crippled. It is an amazing and wonderful story that shows the power of resurrection and the in-breaking of the Kingdom of God. It is difficult because […]

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I found this image at the Stillwater Bible Church YouTube channel.

How to Bring Down a Corrupt Political System

During an election year, it is easy to get bewildered and discouraged by the politicking that fills the airwaves and clogs up the Internet. We watch in wonder as world leaders behave like children and street thugs, bullying each other, throwing around money, and allowing cruelty and injustice to go unchecked. What do we do […]

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