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Jesus Genealogy Trilogy

Finding Our Way | A Sermon from Matthew 1

This is the first sermon in our series “Finding Our Way.” We will explore the life that Jesus’ invites us to live in, what he called, The Kingdom of Heaven. Matthew 1 establishes that Jesus is the rightful heir to the throne of David and the long-awaited Messiah. View Page 1 of The Cartoonist’s Guide […]

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Matthew, Genealogies and Star Wars

There seems to be an increasing interest in genealogies and ancestry lately. Several companies advertise that you can send in a swab from your cheek and they can tell you what part of the world your ancestors inhabited. This is a helpful trend for those of us preaching the Narrative Lectionary this weekend. The text […]

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A Sketch of Romans 6:1-14

I’m going to preach Romans 6:1-14 for the Confirmation Service on Sunday (it is the text from the Narrative Lectionary and it is perfect for this event). The theme is Alive in Christ. Here is a sequence of images that help me think through Paul’s argument. Jesus’ death conquered the power of Sin and Death […]

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