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Don’t be a Heel | A Devo on Genesis 27:1-45

Today’s Story: Genesis 27:1-45. The name Jacob means heel or deceiver. Jacob was born grabbing the heel of his twin brother Esau and the boys wrestled for power throughout their lives. Esau was the big, strong “man’s man” who loved hunting and being outdoors. Jacob was smooth skinned and preferred to stay inside and cook. […]

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Blessing with Skin on It | A Devo on Genesis 12:1-9

Today’s Text: Genesis 12:1-9. Have you ever had an eye exam? Think about that giant machine that simulates every set of lenses possible. You place your eyes in position and the doctor starts flipping lenses while you try to read the chart. “Do you prefer 1 or 2?” she asks. “One,” you respond. “Do you […]

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Living in Righteousness | A Sermon from Matthew 5:1-20

[slideshare id=43871971&doc=livinginrighteousnesssermonslides-150125072012-conversion-gate02] Listen to the audio CLICK HERE. Narrative Lectionary Text: Matthew 5:1-20 Who do we look up to in our society? Next weekend there will be millions of people and billions of dollars spent on something. What is it called? Right. The Superbowl. What is the Superbowl again? Oh right, a game. There is […]

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