Download PowerPoints for Advent

Download PowerPoints for Advent

I draw original images for almost every sermon I preach. I’d love to share them with you. Scroll down and see if you would like any of these PowerPoint Presentations. Click the Download Button and pay what you think they’re worth. Take them for free if you...

An Audio-Visual Meditation on Advent Conspiracy | Love All

The waiting is almost over. This is the final week of Advent. Our final theme in Advent Conspiracy, our final way to overcome the consumerism and superficiality that overshadows this season, is to Love All. I encourage you to read Richard Rohr’s meditation, The Home...
Download PowerPoints for Advent

Love is Self-Emptying

How can we actually love our neighbor? Our theme this week is Love All. It is the fourth and final installment of our Advent Conspiracy series. I’ve been blogging about it all week. So far I’ve created two visual meditations (here and here) and have been...
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