Resurrection and the Unfolding Universe

Resurrection and the Unfolding Universe

Four things have converged this morning that make for an interesting question. How can we believe in the resurrection of the dead in this secular age? The four points of convergence: First, we read the story of Jesus raising Lazarus from dead this past weekend, found...
Resurrection and the Unfolding Universe

The Church is Messy and Holy

The CORE sermon Series brings us to the next key element of our faith. We are the church, and the church is a holy mess. Martin Luther said that we are simil justus et peccator, which is Latin for similateously saint and sinner. The Apostle Paul said it best in Romans...

Love, Hate, and the Good Life

The past few days has been a bizarre contrast of events for me. On one side there was love. I spent the weekend with twelve families from Easter at a family camp at Wapo. It was oozing with love and community. Yesterday we taught our first two sessions at Confirmation...
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