The Bible in a Year

Many people like to begin the new year by committing to read the entire Bible in one year. That is a great goal and everyone should do it at least once in their life. The VibbleSpace Daily Reading Schedule1 follows a Monday-Friday rhythm, allowing a weekend for catch-up, meditation, or other reading.  This reading schedule was created in 2012. It can be used any year, though. I think there are still 52 weeks in a year with Monday-Friday in those weeks. This 50-week schedule allows for a break over the holidays! Happy Reading!


Download the reading schedule in .pdf here.

Food for Thought

While a daily dose of the Bible is really all you need (after all, the Holy Spirit is the teacher), sometimes it can be helpful to have a little supplemental guide to spark your meditative imagination.  I have blogged my way through this reading plan and offer up some “food for thought” to supplement for your daily reading.  Simply click on the links below to access these posts.

Don’t forget that you can always access a visual guide to each book of the Bible at the Bible Bookshelf.

Blog Posts for Each Daily Reading


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  1. I used to call this site VibbleSpace. It stands for Visual Interactive Bible Based Learning Experience. []