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Welcome to my podcast.

There are two types of episodes:

  1. Sermons. These are simply the audio of each sermon that I preach.
  2. Visual Preacher Interviews. If you can’t watch the interview, listen to the audio on your podcast app.

Happy listening.

Podcast Episodes



I am very pleased to announce a new book project. Fortress Press invited me to write a book about using visual in preaching. It will be part of the Working Preacher Book Series. I want to make this a public conversation where I can learn from the experts in visual communication, both practice and theory. Please join the conversation.

Dying to Live | A Sermon on Romans 6:1-14

Dying to Live | A Sermon on Romans 6:1-14

The apostle Paul quotes his would be accusers, "What should we say then, should we continue in sin so that grace may increase?" Paul emphatically responds, "May it NEVER be! How can we who have DIED to sin continue to live in it?" What does this mean? How have we died...

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