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My work is a fusion of ART and THEOLOGY.

My goal is to provide visually interesting tools to help you grow deeper in the love of God.


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Explore various practices and pathways to grow deeper in the love of God, through Jesus Christ, in the power of the Holy Spirit, for the sake of the world.

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Week 43 Day 1 – A Double Blessing

Read John 1:1-18 Read vv. 16-17 again. What if you read it this way, “Because God is so gracious, He has given us many blessings, one after the other. The first blessing was the Law, which came through Moses. The second blessing was Jesus Christ, who brought grace and...

maintaining emotional health

There is a blessing and curse associated with every personality type. I'm an artist/thinker type of a person. The blessing of this personality is that I am usually bristling with ideas and my mind is running on overdrive most of the time. When I am "on" there is a...

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