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It is my desire to create visually interesting resources to help you grow deeper into the love of God. 


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RefTagger from Logos

The brilliant engineers over at Logos have done it again.  Now they have a program that allows instant Bible References for web pages.  All I have to do is list a reference, like John 3:16, and the reader will be able to hover over it and read the passage.  Very cool.  Thanks, Logos.

Life of Jesus Study Coming Soon

The Life of Jesus study is currently in production.  This is a 15-week study that guides you through a harmony of all four Gospels creating a chronological walk through Jesus’ life. To view the Life of Jesus Vibble, click here.

First Vibble Books Title in Print

The Overflow Principle is now in print!   This is a 7-week small group Bible study that explores what it means to love God with a whole heart and love your neighbor as yourself.  The study first looks at how to cultivate a loving relationship with God in three ways:  receiving God’s love with your MIND, […]

New Vibble Store is Ready

Now you can either access the .pdf files for free, or order the books and have them shipped directly to you. click here to view the store.

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