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welcome-2It is my desire to create visually interesting resources to help you grow deeper into the love of God. 


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New Vibble Store is Ready

Now you can either access the .pdf files for free, or order the books and have them shipped directly to you. click here to view the store.

New Vibble Under Construction

In preparation for a presentation to the Anoka Area Pastors meeting, I have been working on the first Vibble. This is the Vibble that introduces the underlying theme of VibbleSpace – the Overflow Principle. To view the current update, go to the VibbleSpace home page and click on the pot.

Spiritual Formation Page

In the process of developing the animated home page for VibbleSpace, I have temporarily lost a direct connection to the “Spiritual Formation” page. This is an index to the studies that relate directly to Spiritual Formation. click here to go to the page.

The Overflow Principle

The underlying theme to VibbleSpace is “The Overflow Principle”. It is a metaphor to capture the essence of Jesus’ teaching in John 15. In that scene Jesus used a similar metaphor and told his disciples to be like the branch of a grapevine. The branch’s job is not to produce fruit. The branch’s job is […]