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It is my desire to create visually interesting resources to help you grow deeper into the love of God. 


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Week 8 Day 4 – Cities of Refuge

Numbers 35:1-34 Here at the close of the book of Numbers the Israelites are gathering at the east bank of the Jordan River, getting ready to storm into Canaan, conquer the inhabitants, and take over the land that God had promised to Abraham many centuries earlier. The men were gearing up for battle, conquest, and […]

Week 8 Day 3 – What Goes Around

Numbers 32:20-24  Numbers 33:50-56 We live in an age where popular Christianity has emphasized the grace, love, forgiveness, and “fun” aspects of God. Hey, why not? God is gracious, loving, forgiving, and “fun.” Yet, we need to be careful about painting a caricature of God and reducing Him to a “right jolly old elf.” God […]

Week 8 Day 2 – A Pattern of Worship

Numbers 28:1-29:40 We have discussed this point once before in the devotionals when we were studying Leviticus. As with all core truths, repetition is a good thing. There are two observations that can be made from these two chapters. 1. A relationship with God and with others requires sacrifice. We must not forget that core […]

Week 8 Day 1 – The Confusing Story of Balaam

Numbers 22:1-24:25 View the Updated Numbers Page here The story of Balaam raises many questions. We could spend pages trying to sort through them. Here are some observations from the Balaam story.  1. There was God outside of Israel. When we read through the books of Moses it is very easy to think that the […]

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