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It is my desire to create visually interesting resources to help you grow deeper into the love of God. 


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Week 3 Day 5 – Blood on the Doorposts

Exodus 12:1-42 This story, called the Passover is one of the most foundational stories for both the Jewish and the Christian identity.  While the story is real, meaning it literally happened, there is also deep symbolism and allegory that can apply directly to our lives.  The people of Israel were lost in the darkness of […]

Week 3 Day 4 – Clash of the Titans

Exodus 6:28-10:29 From our perspective, the plagues of Egypt may seem like a horific natural disaster.  Or, more accurately, a horrific sequence of one natural disaster after another.    The Nile River is polluted by the red sand of Ethiopia, which drives out the frogs, which causes an outbreak if insects, infection, disease, and pestilence that […]

Week 3 Day 3 - What’s in a Name?

Week 3 Day 3 – What’s in a Name?

Exodus 5:22-6:8 In order to grasp the depth of this passage it is important to define some terms.  To Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, God revealed Himself as El-Shaddai.  Read this definition of that Hebrew word.  I am printing the actual Strong’s Enhanced Dictionary listing so that we do not run the risk of reading too […]

Week 3 Day 2 – To Obey or Not Obey?

Exodus 1:1-22 A friend of mine recently returned from a short term missions trip to a communist country. It was almost surreal to hear her description of the state of affairs for the Christians in that place. As in most communist countries, it is strictly forbidden for an individual to mention the name of God […]

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