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It is my desire to create visually interesting resources to help you grow deeper into the love of God. 


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The Plurality of Truth

A quote from Manifold Witness: The Plurality of Truth by John R. Franke: Christians committed to the lordship of Jesus Christ should not acquiesce to the cultural relativism that gives up on the notion of ulimate or transcendent truth. But we must also resist the temptation of espousing a notion of truth that makes an […]

Week 11 Day 1 – Conflict Resolution

Joshua 22:1-34 When we see behavior in another person’s life that doesn’t make sense to us and appears to be “wrong,” what do we typically do? The average person would jump to a conclusion about the other person, get reactive or defensive about it, and launch an accusation against that person. The bold person would […]

Week 10 Day 5 – Caleb, the Unsung Hero

Joshua 14:6-15 Have you ever felt overshadowed by someone else? Even though you have given it your all, done the best you could, remained faithful and full of integrity, someone else has gotten the glory? How do you feel about that person? How do you feel about yourself? Caleb is a man who could have […]

Week 10 Day 4 – The Sun Stands Still

Joshua 10:7-15 This passage has created some of the most heated debate, and has provided some of the best fuel for the skeptic’s attack against the reliability of the Bible. It would benefit us to spend today looking closely at this passage.  Let’s look at this passage in three ways. First, we must look at […]

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