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It is my desire to create visually interesting resources to help you grow deeper into the love of God. 


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Week 13 Day 3 – Sweet Revenge?

1 Samuel 24:1-6; 25:32-34; 26:9-11 When someone cuts you off in traffic, what do you want to do? When you get passed over for a job that you worked hard to get and for which you were perfectly qualified, how do you feel? When someone hurts your child, what do you want to do? Do […]

Week 13 Day 2 – Friendship or Fear?

1 Samuel 18:1-16; 20:1-42 Imagine that you are the CEO of a company. You enjoy the power and the perks of being at the top. Then along comes a young recruit who is rising quickly up the ranks of the company. You start hearing his name mentioned quite often at the water cooler. More than […]

Week 13 Day 1 – A Tale of Two Hearts

1 Samuel 15:1-35; 17:1-58   As with all good stories, the early scenes set the stage for what is to come. In these two chapters we get to peek into the heart of the two main characters in this drama. On the one hand we see Saul, the current king of Israel. On the other hand […]

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