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welcome-2It is my desire to create visually interesting resources to help you grow deeper into the love of God. 


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Week 6 Day 1 – Healthy Sexuality

Leviticus 15:1-33, 18:1-30 Sex sells. It is the American way. Americans will use sexuality to sell just about anything. Think about this for a minute. What does a scantily clad woman really have to do with a car? Is she an expert on its fuel efficiency or horsepower? Is she a mechanic? The model hired […]

Week 5 Day 5 – Infection in the Camp

Leviticus 12:1-14:57 In the middle of this passage of Leviticus which deals with the very physical reality of infection in the camp of Israel, there is a spiritual lesson to be learned for the church of today. Infection has disastrous effects on the community. In the OldTestament, physical infection represented sin in the minds of […]

Week 6 pdf is now available

We’re staying one step ahead of the reading plan.  Week 6 – Leviticus part 2 – is now available at the reading schedule page.

Week 5 Day 4 – Bad Boys!

Leviticus 10:1-3 There are three thoughts for today. 1. God takes disobedience seriously. In our age of cheap-grace we often forget that the God who incinerated Aaron’s boys is the same God that we worship today. He has not become less holy or more tolerant of sin and disobedience. Fortunately, as Paul says in Romans […]